Our understanding of the chemistry of color means you can rely on us to deliver
performance, innovation and sustainability, without compromise.
Our ingredients are ethically sourced and environmentally responsible
demonstrating our commitment to a safer and more sustainable future.
We make it possible to reduce waste water, energy and substrate usage
while continously enhancing our ink's color quality, durability and precision.

Color you can trust

Want more from your digital ink? Discover new heights of quality, visual appeal, functionality and safety with the latest innovations in digital inkjet technology.

Our understanding of the chemistry of color drives quality, safety and compliance standards in your market.

With a firm focus on the future, we are driving innovation through the power of inkjet technology; backed by our market knowledge and brought to life through proven R&D.

We go beyond the remit of an ink manufacturer to not only deliver a product, but consultative support that draws on years of experience in developing inkjet technology as we know it. As well as the market insight that shapes tomorrow’s digital printing solutions.

Working in partnership with you to overcome barriers to introducing new technology, you can rely on us to add value to your business beyond color.

Spotlight on sustainability

Our commitment to environmentally responsible inkjet technology drives our innovation and product development. Discover how we’re supporting the textiles industry in minimizing its environmental impact, without compromising on quality – find out more.


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