ElvaJet® Coral

Revolutionize your digital printing process with ElvaJet® Coral, Sun Chemical’s digital water-based sublimation ink, and achieve unrivalled visual impact while reducing water, ink and substrate usage.

By printing directly on the substrate, ElvaJet® Coral removes the need for transfer paper or residual ink and offers brands an environmentally responsible color solution.

Drawing on our understanding of the chemistry of color, ElvaJet® Coral’s unique dispersion technology ensures vibrant, bright color while boosting your environmental credentials.

Easy to install and start up, and with minimal maintenance, ElvaJet® Coral also has excellent open time and latency, without compromising on drying performance or image sharpness.


Unique dispersion technology
Reduced environmental impact
Consistent color sharpness and vibrancy

ElvaJet® Coral

Sustainable color you can trust

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Product specification

Available for the following printheads



Humidity Requirements

For optimal printing, the relative humidity rate must be kept at 55% or higher and the ambient temperature should be around 20°C (70°F).

The following inks are available

Name                                              Code

ElvaJet® Coral Yellow                       618CO0SC

ElvaJet® Coral Magenta                    638CO0SC

ElvaJet® Coral Cyan                          648CO0SC

ElvaJet® Coral Black                         678CO0SC

Standard packaging: 5 kg

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