ElvaJet® SR

Optimized for paper or textiles, the ElvaJet® SR range is a series of water-based digital sublimation inks that has the potential to transform your digital printing processes.

Achieve precise, vibrant color across a range of applications with ethically-sourced, environmentally responsible ink. With the ElvaJet® SR range, you can have confidence that your quality targets will be met, while safe in the knowledge that your brand is protected with consistent ink quality.

Easy to use and with minimal maintenance, choose from either ElvaJet® SR 240, or ElvaJet® SR 340, which is ideal for more demanding, high-speed production needs.


High transfer performance
Easy installation and start up
Fast drying for high speed production systems
Product specification

Available for the following printheads:



Humidity Requirements

For optimal printing, the relative humidity rate must be kept at 55% or higher and the ambient temperature should be around 20°C (70°F).

Shelf life

Inks should be stored in a controlled environment at a temperature between 10-30°C.  If stored under these recommended conditions, the inks have a shelf life of 12 (twelve) months.


Substrate: 170 g/m2, 100% polyester

Printing resolution: 720 dpi

Transfer conditions: 210°C (410°F) for 30 seconds

The light fastness has been measured at 100% and 10% coverage. All other fastness properties have been measured at 100% coverage. In certain cases, where a chemical pre-treatment has been applied to the fabric or it has been saturated with color, the substrate may perform better in fastness testing after washing. Optimized ink limiting and color profiling will limit this requirement.

The following inks are available

Name                                         Code

ELVAJET SR 240 YELLOW             618240SR.C01P

ELVAJET SR 240 MAGENTA           638240SR.C01P

ELVAJET SR 240 CYAN                 648240SR.C01P

ELVAJET SR 241 BLACK                678241SR.C01

ELVAJET SR 340 YELLOW             618340SR.C01P

ELVAJET SR 340 MAGENTA           638340SR.C01P

ELVAJET SR 340 CYAN                 648340SR.C01P

ELVAJET SR 340 BLACK               678340SR.C01P

Standard packsize: 1 kg

Compatible Flush

Name                              Code

UNIVERSAL FLUSH            WB698100.C01P

PARKING FLUSH               WB698300.C01P

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ProductLightWater (severe)Washing (60°)Persp. (acid)Persp. (alkali)Rubbing (dry)Rubbing (wet)
ElvaJet® SRISO 105 /B02 100% / 10%ISO 105 /E01 ch./st.ISO 105 /C03 ch./st.ISO 105 /E04 ch./st. ISO 105 /E04 ch./st.ISO 105 /X12 ISO 105 /X12
Yellow SR 2406-7 / 5-64-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-544-5
Magenta SR 2406 / 64-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-544-5
Cyan SR 2405 /54 / 4-54 / 4-54 / 4-54 / 4-544-5
Ultra Black SR 2416 / 4-55 /55 / 55 / 55 / 54-54-5
Yellow SR 3406-7 / 5-64-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-544-5
Magenta SR 3406 / 64-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-54-5 / 4-544-5
Cyan SR 3405 /54 / 4-54 / 4-54 / 4-54 / 4-544-5
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How to use


The ElvaJet® SR series has been tested on the most frequently used printers, but users should check the inks’ suitability for individual machines and models.

If the inks dry in the nozzles, the normal cleaning procedure built into the printer should be applied. We recommend the use of our specific cleaning solution, Sensient Universal Flush WB.

For optimal printing, the relative humidity rate should be kept at 50% or higher and the ambient temperature should be around 20 – 25°C (70°F).

Recommended print settings:

Condition Settings
Jetting Temperature Printhead recommended settings
Waveform Printhead default
Throw Distance 1 to 3 mm for optimum print performance
Frequency Tested to printhead maximum frequency
Environment 22-25°C, 50-70% RH


Once the transfer media is printed, it should be taken into account that the process is not designed to achieve an accepted light fastness and rubbing fastness of the printed paper or other intermediate substrate. The printed substrate should therefore be handled with care and the ink transferred to the fabric as soon as possible after printing.


– Before ink Installation: Unless ElvaJet SR ink is the first ink installed into the system, it is recommended to clean the ink line thoroughly using 698100 Universal Flush. If the printhead and ink supply system are filled with non-Sensient series of inks prior to the installation, it is recommended to ensure all ink contact parts, tubing and printhead are fully flushed with the available 698100 Universal Flush

– Ink Installation: Fill the ink line with ElvaJet SR inks continuously to remove the flush. ElvaJet SR inks may take a few hours to settle in a printer before production printing is possible

– Printing: Load the required image and color profile relating to the chosen substrate. If a profile does not exist at this point Sensient or our partners will be glad to support this process. Print directly to the transfer media and dry

– Fixation: To obtain a good color transfer and fixing, the printed substrate should be transferred at 210°C (410°F) for 30s

– Printhead capping: When the printer is idle, it is recommended to always cap the printhead properly. It is suggested that the printhead is not left open without capping for more than 60 minutes.

– Cleaning: Always use 698100 Universal Flush to clean the nozzle plate and the wiper. It is recommended to use this flush on any part of the capping station that is in direct contact with the printhead.

– Ink removal: If you plan to remove the inks from the printer for an extended period of time (longer than 2 days), fill the ink lines with the 698300 Parking Flush

– Nozzle recovery: If a nozzle is found missing during or after printing, it is recommended to flush the nozzle with the ink and gently wipe the nozzle plate with the cleaner. If ink has dried in the nozzles, it is recommended to flush with the available 698200 Conversion Flush. Conversion Flush should not be left in the printhead for longer than 60 minutes

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